Altero: Cocina alucinógena

Campaign design for a restaurant of experimental hallucinogenic cuisine. These experiences take place in a posh, stylish environment, and the dishes contain organic drugs.

The campaign represents the hallucination and the amount of sensations that get modified through five pictures of the photographer Neil Krug, each one of them accompanied by a claim that could be said by the user.

[with Lidia Puig]

Poster Altero: Sospecha de tus sentidos Postal Altero Doble pagina altero Poster Altero: Sospecha de tus sentidos Poster Altero: Sospecha de tus sentidos

Manifesto: We need to escape from the monotony and create a new reality. We want new experiences that open our mind and make us fly to new places. Altero creates a safe space in which everything is possible. The hallucination modifies your senses and sets up a new environment where dreams and fantasies take control.