Flama surf

Redesign of Flama, a 100% organic surfboard brand based in Premià de Mar.

After talking to Sergi Galanó (the brand's owner) all the communication focused on showing the lifestyle, the adventure, the trip, nature and the chaos. That's why in addition to a photoshoot with three models, the team went on a road trip to Euskadi and took pictures of the landscape, the people and the surfers. All the making of the diary was analogue before being scanned.

This project was made with Gerard Arbués, Cesc Llinares, Gaëlle Moscardó and Rita Pons.

Categories: Art Direction, Photography, Creative Direction

Catalogue cover Diary double page Diary double page Diary double page Diary double page Diary double page Diary double page Diary double page Encarte Encarte Surfer in Zarauz Euskadi van Model picture Model picture

Each member of the team had at least one analog camera and a notebook that were later used in the campaign and the catalogue, which was finally designed as a diary where someone has written notes, pasted pictures, and saved papers. In addition, inside the diary, there was another catalogue with pictures of the products. This trip allowed the team not only to have all the pictures needed but also to experience everything in order to represent it in the most accurate way.